Why the Tacky Tube???

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If you follow my Facebook feed Like Me on Facebook or my Instagram feed  Follow Me on Instagram you realize I’m cuckoo over this new Tacky Tube by Tacky Fly Fishing. Some people get it right away-  my first order was for all of my initial stock….I sold out in less than 24 hours.

But I get a lot of messages on Facebook about why this thing is so great- and I get it. We’ve all been duped before by the next latest and greatest fly fishing gadget. I have purchased dozens of fly tying or fly fishing tools thinking- wow- this thing is great- until you get it and it doesn’t work quite right- or it doesn’t live up to the hype. This couldn’t be further from the truth- the guys at Tacky Fly Fishing have really fleshed this concept out.

Here are my top 5 reasons why every fly fisher needs the Tacky Tube

1. Size:  The Tacky Tube is a very compact tool, slightly larger than a standard spool of tying thread. This falls right within the range of the other more popular tools- it is the perfect size. Any smaller and it wouldn’t hold enough flies to be a standalone fly box for those seeking a minimalist approach on the stream- and any larger it would be cumbersome to wear outside of your vest or pack. This tool holds 2-5 dozen flies comfortably, NOT including midges on the internal magnets. I average about 4 dozen flies when putting together my kits.

tacky vs. thread


2. Protected Air Flow:  I know that sounds weird but give me a second to explain.  The problem with the traditional patch is that it offers air flow to dry flies quickly, without providing any protection. How many times have you brushed against something only to see dozens of fallen soldiers falling onto the ground or into the river? It happens to me all the time- including with a more expensive tool I used out of town ONCE. I was fishing the Farmington at the height of hatches and stopped in and picked up a lot of specific hatch flies- loaded up a competitors “badge” and within feet of the bank reached to grab a fly clumsily- and wiped out well over two dozen flies costing me fish catching ability- but also nearly $100 I spent in the shop.

tacky tube 2

The Tacky Tube is open on both ends allowing air flow to dry hooks quickly to prevent rust, and to get you fishing dry flies faster, but it is completely enclosed with the unique Tacky Fly Fishing polycarbonate tube (very shatter resistant as well). You can go trudging through the woods to the stream without any worry about damaging the box.

3. Tacky: If you’ve never heard of Tacky Fly Fishing or have purchased their 3 other fly boxes, you are missing out for sure. The reason this fly box is so different from every other box on the market is their patent pending slit silicone technology. The silicone is memory free, so no more expanding fly box slits that no longer hold your flies securely. The other great part is that it is resistant to extreme heat- no more melting or sweating during hot summer days like you get from some other boxes. The light blue color is also the perfect background contrast you  need to see your flies clearly and easily.


4. Latch-less Closure: No longer fuss about with tough to open closures, or closures that will fail within the first year you buy it. I love to fly fish during winter, but I hate opening latched boxes because my fingers lack the dexterity to due it quickly. The Tacky Tube has two very small magnets that hold it together securely, but will easily break under slight pressure to quickly access your flies.

tacky tube 3

5. Internal Magnets: Besides using their proprietary slit silicone as the base of the Tube, they also included two high strength neodymium magnets for what I call Drop and Go capability. How many of you have carelessly dumped flies in the bottom of your pack or in the pocket of your vest so you can tie on your next fly when the fish are active? I do it all the time- I’m lazy. With the two high strength magnets you can tip the Tube at a 45degree angle and just drop them in- the magnets will catch them and securely hold them until you get back home and can seat them in the silicone. When I first heard that claim, I thought it was pure bullshit. I saw a video and sure- they caught on the magnet but I thought just casual jostling would make them fall of, making it a useless feature….until I tried it. I dumped the three larger flies with tungsten beads in and they stuck. Then I tried shaking them loose….and I kept trying, and then kept trying. I was eventually able to shake them off, but it took me nearly throwing the tube to get them to depart. That was more than adequate for me to trust that feature on the river- I don’t plan to be throwing the Tacky Tube anytime soon.

tacky tube magnet
These flies stuck after being dropped from 1 foot above…and the magnets are on the INSIDE!!

You can buy your Tacky Tube, along with all of the other Tacky Fly Fishing fly boxes right here at In Pursuit of Trout.

Click HERE to buy now!

Hope this helps guys- hoping to get some videos and tying tutorials up on the site soon. I also have a bunch of flies going up soon and a ton of new products.

Instagram Page Bonus– Anyone that buys a Tacky Tube- take a picture tossing out or destroying your old badge or patch- the more creative the better and you’ll get you a customized coupon code for your next reorder. Post your pic to my Instagram page or Facebook feed using #trashyourpatch


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