2015 Reflections and 2016 Sneak Peak

I”m glad 2015 is behind me. It wasn’t that great of a year, and I’m excited to head into 2016 with some momentum. The website will grow tremendously this year with new items in the shops including more from Jonathan Kiley of Fly Skinz, and products by Montana Fly Company amongst others. New content is already planned including a monthly interview segment which will have a new Featured Fly Tyer every month. Most of these guys you know very well, although a few might be newer to you. Each of them has a very unique perspective and it should be great to hear what they have to say. I’m thankful for their participation. I will also be giving away some free stuff with every interview, be it some of their flies or some stuff from the shop. More on that later.

I want to thank a host of people.. First I want to thank my best friend Bret Haas for getting me into fly tying. Fly tying is really what has fueled my passion for fly fishing. I always enjoyed fly fishing when we were younger, but it didn’t click until we started tying and fishing our own flies. He is the best nymph fisherman I know, and although we have two completely different styles of fly tying and fly fishing, I don’t thank him enough.

Matt Zudweg of Boneyard Fly Gear is another person I want to thank. He designed my kickass logo and created my decals and business cards. He is multi talented with design and all aspects of art and wood work. Check out his website for design work, some SICK decals, and some even sweeter poppers. He is the creator of the Zudbubbler Popper, and has some sick customs including these hand painted ones. You can also order these flies, and the decals plus more through his website.

matt zudweg

Image belongs to Matt Zudweg of Boneyard Fly Gear

I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be contributing tutorials and articles to American Made Flies as a member of AMF Nation. American Made Flies is the brain child of founder Chase Pritchett and showcases some sweet fly tying from a small group of bad ass tyers around the country. Also members of AMF Nation are Adam Harman of Blue Ridge Custom Flies and Ryan Burks of Swinging Bridge Flies.

Similarly I’ll be teaming up in some way with Justin Damude of Hip to the Strip. I hope to contribute a few articles here and there, as well as get together with him in NY to chase some big fish whenever he’ll be kind enough to key me in. The guys at Hip to the Strip showcase streamer fishing and the mindset that defines the modern streamer angler.

Lastly, for the featured image of this post I want to shout out Ben, Jesse, and Mark for allowing me to use their image. They are a group of guys fly fishing Utah and have a serious eye behind the lens. Their photography is worthy enough to check out their instagram page HERE. Thanks guys! They will also be doing some fly testing for me out west this year. If you would like to test out some streamers and nymphs contact me via inpursuitoftrout@gmail.com and tell me what waters you fish, and why you would be a good choice to test them.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. I’m super excited to get rolling in 2016 and I hope to chase big fish as often as possible, with some great people around the country. If you would like to contribute articles, tutorials, SBS, or photographs to be featured on IPT, contact me at inpursuitoftrout@gmail.com

Thanks everyone

Dan Podobed aka NJ Fly Guy


Find out more about the people mentioned in this post below:

Chase Pritchett American Made Flies- HERE
American Made Flies Instagram: INSTAGRAM
Adam Harmon/ Blue Ridge Custom Flies: INSTAGRAM
Ryan Burks/ Swinging Bridge Flies and AMF Nation: INSTAGRAM
Matt Z. Zudweg/ Boneyard Fly Gear: WEBSITE
Boneyard Fly Gear Facebook: HERE
ustin Damude/ Hip to the Strip: HERE
Justin Damude: INSTAGRAM
en, Jesse, and Mark at TugLifeTrio: INSTAGRAM


hip tot eh strip

boneyard fly gear

Bonus for those reading all the way to the bottom- let me know what content you want to see most on the site and I’ll give away a few decals randomly out of the people that comment.

A. Video tying tutorials instructional
B. Video tying tutorials entertainment
C. Step by step photo tutorials
D. Fly design concept articles
E. Fly fishing essays and shorts
F. Interviews with fly tyers and fly fisherman
G. Photo essays featuring big fish