State of the Union: In Pursuit of Trout

Welcome IPT’ers,

A lot has changed since the last time we spoke, and I have big news. First, I want to say that as of today, I am going to pursue this website and fly shop full time!!! I had been doing this site and tying orders on nights/weekends while working my day job and was going to start preparing to reduce day job hours for this,  but after 9 years I found out my employer was secretly trying to replace me, and that was all I needed to know. I gave them my resignation notice effective immediately!! Good luck replacing someone with 9 years experience while trying to save 33% salary in the process.

Moving on from that- next order of business is the Fly Tyer of the Month Series. I have some incredible tyers confirmed for this year, and one of the interviews will go up TOMORROW night! I won’t give away the surprise, but I will give you a little teaser.

The next 3 tyers being featured are:

Charlie Craven


Blane Chocklett


Gunnar Brammer

I am extremely humbled that they all agreed to be part of the series, I know each of them is busy with all types of jobs, engagements, commitments, etc.  Quite honestly, last year I wasn’t sure how tyers were going to respond to my requests, but I have to say- each of them has been gracious with their time and I have had very few tyers say no flat out. Sometimes there are scheduling conflicts which is understandable. Again- thank you to all of the tyers. It is one of my favorite parts of this website, and I can’t wait to continue growing this full time this year.

Lastly, since I am now full time I will be taking a lot more orders. Frankly I’ve had to turn some people away, which I don’t like doing but there were times working 2 full time jobs just wasn’t very fun. Working 10am-4,5, sometimes 6am was getting old fast. I will be completely revamping the somewhat peckish fly selection. I have a couple new patterns plus a bunch of others that I’m willing to tie lol.

That is also why I started carrying some fly assortments and flies by other tyers. I’m going to continue doing that so if you are a tyer with something unique and you have a wholesale, pseudo-wholesale price structure I”m always looking for new flies for the site. Photos are great, samples are better 🙂

So which interview is going up tomorrow? Just have to come back to see.

Until tomorrow-

Pz out. IPT