Pat Cohen’s Sculpting Scissors

Hey Everyone-

I haven’t done any product reviews in a long time, and I am incredibly behind so starting with this one, I’ll be trying to get one or two up a week. If you want to see any products, materials, gear etc reviewed- either in print or video- email and I’ll see what I can do via the Facebook Live tool.

If you aren’t familiar with Pat Cohen and his work, you are living under a rock. The guy is an absolute artist on the vise, his deer hair work is second to none right now (imo), and he is a true professional. I got to meet Pat and watch his demo at last year’s Somerset show and it was mesmerizing. He’s also a great guy, and more than willing to lend a hand helping a fellow tyer.

Back in May I ordered one each of his Sculptin Scissors after talking with him, and even though I didn’t need new scissors- I know enough about Pat that he isn’t pumping out new tools just to move a few units- there is some thought and purpose behind them. Combine that with the fact I had no less than 15 average pairs sitting in my foam tool organizer I could hardly resist. Scissors are absolutely critical to clean work, whether it is prepping materials or cutting thread once you whip finish the fly. Regardless how much you spend, its difficult to find one that is worth the value. These scissors are hands down the best I’ve worked with yet. Dr. Slick Razors are good, the Hareline Titanium scissors are okay- these are AWESOME. There are four different scissors he came out with.

4.5″ Straight. Price: $24.95





These scissors have 2″ long, double serrated blades which is perfect for all the nasty synthetic materials we are tying with these days. My gripe and obsession about scissors is that must suck- honestly, you drop down $25 sometimes less- and you tie a couple weeks and once they get dull- you collect them to cut wire and shit- but mostly they sit on the bench taking up valuable real estate.  just take up room.

These are STILL cutting gsp thread without tension. Yeup- they CUT gsp thread. No need to stab it while pulling the thread like you are starting a stubborn lawn mower- it cuts clean.

I really like this pair of scissors for deer hair work. It is a big enough (and strong enough) scissor to cut premo strips up all day long- without being heavy or awkward.

Bonus- These can be resharpened. Contact Pat directly for more information on that.

Pros- All of the above- the best scissor in this size and price range that I’ve ever used.

Cons- Due to the blade style, I don’t feel comfortable sharpening these myself, so at some point they will have to be sharpened.

4.5″ Curved Scissor $24.95




These have 1.75″ double serrated blades. At first I didn’t want a pair of curved scissors until I thought about it. While they certainly aren’t necessary- I love mine. Shaping deerhair is much easier with these- you can clean up Sex Dungeon heads after the razor work and it looks beautiful. Would do equally well with rams wool heads, Laser Dub, etc. Also good for tapered cuts on under flash.

Pros- ^^^^
Cons- The curved shears work perfectly but feel slightly sticky on the curve. I don’t notice it while using them but if you open and close them slowly enough you’ll feel it. It might have to do with the double serrated blades- but then again in my day job among many other things, I sell $550 dog grooming scissors- so the comparison is slightly unfair.

4″ Straight $24.95





While not a significant decrease in overall size, the blades are only 1″ long, which is great for work on smaller flies and in closer quarters. Great for use on nymphs, dry flies, etc.

Pros- Fine point, but not superfine point. To me, this is a pro, and not a con, because most arrow point scissors dull quickly. Ignore the size, these are a workhorse bench scissor. You could tie all day long with these and lose little.

Cons- None, my favorite scissor in their size/price category.

4″ Curved $24.95





Utilizing a a blade length of just short of 1″. This little scissor will immediately clean up your tying process. My favorite task is cutting rabbit strips. When you tie a fly that utilizes a rabbit strip tail and over wing, the tie down process can be mess. Most scissors suck at trimming rabbit cleanly- but this truly is a wonder. By using the curved part, you can cut it closer, minimizing thread wraps to clean up the tie down point.


Pros- Cuts rabbit hide clean, minimizing thread waste. Would be great to tidy up elk hair caddis if things went array during the tying process.

Cons- Not completely necessary. If you are of the minimalist type, you certainly don’t want 4 scissors taking up room on your bench space. I’m the type of tyer who will take as many types of arrows in his quiver, if you know what I mean. Every tool has a purpose, find every tools perfect purpose and your tying will improve.

You can buy each of these directly through Pat’s website, He also sells a set of all 4 at a discount price of $84.99 savings of over 15%.