Recent Flies from the Vise

I have to say- working retail I honestly can’t stand the holiday season. For me, Christmas starts in fucking July- annoying, but a minor headache for what is to come. Starting the day after Thanksgiving the Christmas music comes on and it’s all downhill from there. Needless to say as the days get closer to Christmas the insanity ramps up. Add in the pressure and chore of shopping for mostly ungrateful people you wish you could completely eliminate from your life- at this point I need the respite of the tying vise. Combined with hard alcohol and a loyal dog, the tying vise restores some humanity I lost along the way up until this point.

Here are the flies/therapists that have helped me this week…

1. Articulated Holo Big Horn- This was is actually a better rendition of a fly I created a while back called the Moss Man streamer that was tied in dirty olive. Instead of being a cluster-fuck of materials on a hook it is more refined. It needs further refining but the substitution of Gold Holo Chenille instead of polar chenille has made a big difference.
big horn holo

2. Articulated Holo Black and Tan- A variation on a theme. Still using Gold Holo Chenille but complext twisted with 2 black schlappen feathers.

black and tan holo

3. No Name- slightly different variation on the Holo series. Uses Silver Holo Chenille but instead of using schlappen on the front and back I use magnum white rabbit. There is a wing over the back hook, and then it is open spiral wrapped up to the dumbbell eyes in front.

white streamer

4. Rainbow Warrior- It’s hard to tie research flies and fly orders and completely ignore your own boxes, especially for my favorite time of the year to fish- WINTER. The Rainbow Warrior was created by Lance Egan and is a great attractor pattern/midge depending on the size you tie it. The one definite upgrade you need to take away from this fly is the Veevus Tinsel. This stuff just looks so much better- pair that with Loon UV Flourescing Resin and this fly is bullet proof.

rainbow warrior

5. Caddis Pupa- Incredibly simple 1 minute pupa that will fish well during winter and spring. This fly is indestructible so fish it right in the boulders and pocket water. Again the star is the Veevus Tinsel showing through the body tubing. This fly sports Syndicate Fly Fishing hooks and bead. These are available in the shop.

caddis pupa

6. Black Stonefly- This thing is going to crush fish this spring in my home waters. Still needs refining, but the concept is there. Put in mega realistic features with tons of movement and results will come.

Tail- Hemingway Fly Fishing Stonefly Tails
Body- Black D Rib
Thorax- Custom dubbing loop Stonefly Dubbing and Senyo Shaggy Dub
Wing Case- black thin skin
Head- Flymen Fishing Nymph Head in black Stonefly


black stone


That concludes this weeks post. I should have a tying tutorial video dropping around January 1st and it will be an articulated streamer. Until then- tight lines. Comment letting me know your favorite new tying material and get entered to win a free IPT Decal. I will give out a free decal every other post. Winner will be chosen at random.




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  • Ive been adding tan ice dub to rainbow sow scud dubbing with some good results. Im also anxiously awaiting Christmas since I had fish finz on my list. They should make some great sculpin patterns. All the best and Merry Christmas.

    • Hey John- I’ll have to try the ice dub mix. I use plenty of both, but it’s a combination I’ve never put together up to this point. Fish Finz are really cool I have some flies I’ll post before new years using them but the sky is the limit. Also looking to use the tails on Game Changer type flies- I’ve never liked the way my other tails look on that pattern.

      Merry Christmas to you as well.