Flies from the Vise and some Motivation

Hey Everyone-

If you haven’t, go check out my interview with Swedish phenomenon and bad ass fly tyer Oskar Hagelin HERE. That was part 1 of an ongoing conversation with different fly tyers from all of the US and abroad.

This week hasn’t been extremely productive on the vise as I’m at the beginning of a very large production run of my Slimy Sculpin (now available in the shop). I did manage to get some flies tied for my own boxes though.


Tungsten Micro Trigger Nymph- (available in the shop)

This fly is a new twist on a fly I’ve tied for a long time that has caught many fish while euro nymphing. Now tied on a 2x short, wide gape hook, this fly will get a lot of time in the water on my line this year. I tie this in olive (pictured), brown and tan- and then I’ll also tie it with and without the hot spot. If I omit the hot spot, I’ll use a UV ribbing to maintain a trigger on the fly.

tungsten micro trigger nymph

Hi Vis CDC Para Adams-

This is my twist on the standard parachute adams fly by replacing the calf post or synthetic posts with a hi vis cdc post. Then I replaced the standard hackle for CDC hackle by using the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool. Very effective on rough waters.

hi vis cdc adams

This is another version of the fly above, with a more subdued hi vis post. I really like pink when fishing low light conditions either early morning or lat evening.
cdc adams

Articulated Slimy Sculpin (available in the shop)

This fly has been very well received, and is the hands of many people across the country right now. This is my blend of a semi-realistic and impressionistic sculpin pattern utilizing Jonathan Kiley’s Fish Finz (available in the shop), and Flymen Fishing articulation shank and their Sculpin Helmet. I tie these in 4 sizes and a few different colors. Great imitation of the slimy sculpin found throughout much of the US and Canada.

What do you do when you clean your bench and have 1 hook, 1 rabbit strip, some eyes and a bottle of Loon Outdoors Thick handy? I created this fly. Pretty interesting to see if it catches something this  year- or if it will even fish well.

loon baby bass

dry sculpin

Lastly- some fly fishing motivation. I’ve been out this winter a few times already, but I know a lot of people haven’t been. To keep your spirits up- I came across a beautifully produced video featuring the uber talented fly fishing guide/celebrity Maddie Brenneman. This is actually a commercial, but the message will resonate with anyone that has spent time fly fishing.