Tacky Big Bug Box


The Big Bug Box has all many of the same great features that made our first two boxes so amazing…

  • Clear lid for visible access to flies
  • Latch-less mangnetic closure system
    • Long lasting durability
    • Durability tested
  • Extremely durable polycarbonate box
  • Lanyard hook system
  • Hinge stop

But there are so many things that really set this box apart from any other big box on the market.

  • Silicone mat designed specifically for larger flies
    • Holds flies with hook sizes up to 2/0
  • New insertion guides
    • Guide allows for easier insertion when backing in flies
    • Step down guides allow you to ‘feel‘ where the slit is and push hook down rather than backing it in


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Dimensions 7 x 3.5 x 0.5 in