Fly Tyer of the Month: Nacho Heredero

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It has been a few months since the last Fly Tyer of the Month, but we are back! Before I drop this great interview, I just wanted to mention that I’ll likely be doing 1-2 interviews per month the next few months to catch up where possible. I have many amazing tyers participating and I know you’ll love it. Sometimes the timing works out…sometimes not. One last thing, come the end of Fall 2017 In Pursuit of Trout will feature a revamped website with many more fly offerings, and a lot more content. There may be down time when this site is unavailable so if you need fly orders email me @

Fly Tyer of the Month: Nacho Heredero

Nacho is a fly tyer I first came across on Instagram and was absolutely blown away by his versatility and his ability to blend colors and textures into perfectly crafted flies. The diversity of his online catalog is second to none. Nacho has two unique distinctions in this interview series- the first fly tyer from the great nation of Spain, and the first fly tyer to be a saltwater specialist. All of you streamer junkies don’t fret, this guy only ties streamers….for saltwater, freshwater, etc.

I can’t thank Nacho enough, and I think this interview will just prove what a class act he is.


IPT: Where do you live and what type of species do you target while fly fishing? Any notable fisheries, seas, or rivers that are your home waters?


Nacho: I live in Chiclana (Cádiz) a little city in the south of Spain. Here I use to fish for sea bass (my favorite one) and spotted sea bass in the salt (I live only 5 minutes from the beach), and largemouth bass, carp and barbel in fresh water.

My favorite places for saltwater fly fishing near home are “La Barrosa”, “Zahara”, “Trafalgar”, and “Caños de Meca”. I love to fish trout with streamers too, but for it I must to travel at least 500km from home… so, when I have the opportunity I travel to Tormes river, Miño river, or Asturias chasing them.



If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? What flies would you bring?


Baja California!!!!!!… to fish a Roosterfish is my dream!… and flies… “Lomas”, “BF Minnows”, “Darts”,”Scouts”, and “MTM Minnows”.


La Loma school.


How long have you been tying flies? What first got you into tying flies? Who were some of your earliest influences?


I started to tie flies in 1991 (although I made a parenthesis between 1998 and 2004). I started in that year with fly fishing and quickly the possibility to tie my own flies made me to fall in love with it. In that years, here in Spain, the information about fly fishing and tying flies was very little, but I got the huge lucky to obtain a book that marked my beginning and trajectory like tyer: “Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants: The World´s 1.100 Best Flies”. Surely I have read that book over one hundred times!… The best fly patterns with its recipes of Bob Clouser, Larry Dahlberg, Kaufmann, Kreh, Whitlock, Popovic, and many more are in that book, so, it has been my bible and lifesaver for tying flies, and of course, they were my strongest influence.



What keeps you motivated at the tying vise? Is it new materials, is it design elements, is it the end result of fish on the line etc?


Really for me tying flies, to keep at the vise, does not need any extra motivation. I love to do it!. I can be hours at the vise, to check the clock hours later, and have the feeling that I only have been tying a minutes. I love all the process; to prove new materials, the final result, try to improve some patterns… all what happen at the vise have sense and motivation for me.



Lets talk about your design process- what inspires you? Is it an idea about matching the forage, are you looking for a specific movement, do you ever just freestyle with new materials?


Really all is in inside my head, there isn´t a specific process… I explain you… I have Asperger syndrome, so, among other things, it makes me a very obsessive person, especially with the things I love to do, my head never stops to tie flies!… hahahaha… I can be at vise, fishing, watching TV, or taking a beer and my head, in a second plane, continues tying flies, so, the majority of them never see the light or really are tied on the vise, but between such flies, sometimes there is a good one!


What are some of your favorite tying materials? What makes them special?

Craft Fur and fibers like EP or H2O Sculpting Flash fiber. Combining that materials or tying them separately you can tie a huge number of streamers and minnows able to fish any fish in any place… and of course a little of shine!, adding Ice Wing Fibber or Ripple Ice Fibber for example.



What are your favorite fly tying hooks at the moment? Why do you prefer them over other hooks?


Ahrex hooks, they suite perfect with my flies style and have an exceptional quality. The hook is the most important part of any fly!… Over them we tie our dreams in form of fibbers, saddles, hairs… while thinking in the fish of our lives… if finally it comes, we can afford to lose it by a bad hook!



All of the flies on your website are streamers of one sort or another- do you tie nymphs, dry flies, etc?


Years ago I fished a lot with nymphs and I tied lots of them. It is a very productive fishing!, but it does not suit my way to see fly fishing. Fishing with dries is different, I love it!, but I only practice it in specific scenarios or situations and don´t tie them commercially, only the necessaries fir filling a little fly box.

What is it about streamers that you love so much?


To feel the strike!!!… that sensation makes me a crazy streamer junkie!


Do you sell your flies on a production level (to other shops etc) or do you just tie custom orders?

All of them!… hahahahaha… All orders are welcome!… hahahahaha… I tie flies for some Spanish shops and of course, custom orders.



If someone wants to order flies, where should they go to buy them? Do any US shops currently stock your flies? I would love to talk about stocking your flies in my online shop.

He can order through my web site: or by Facebook or Instagram message.

No, actually I don´t work with any shop in the US, but it is a frontier that I am crazy for crossing! And of course!… for me would be an honor and I would be very pleased to sell my flies for IPT shop… Big Thanks!!!!




What was the thought process behind your fly named “Eborsisk”? It looks outstanding!


Many thanks Daniel!. I was organizing a box where I have lots of popper heads, fish masks, sculpin helmets, etc… In a point in time I had in my hands two “Flymen Double Barrel Popper Heads”, one bigger than other, and I thought… “The big fish eats to the small one… why not?”… Some minutes later I had tied both popper heads in a hook, without tail, and I was proving its action in a swimming pool… I liked a lot!, and started to tie it with some tails and colors for testing better. I tied some of them for proving with seabass and largemouth bass, and others for Martin Ellingsen and Kai Finbraten from Loop to prove them with Pikes in Norway… The results of the probes were positive, so, there was the fly, an allien!… hahahahaha… Once time posted in Facebook, when a friend, Cesar de la Hoz, saw it, he posted… “LOL!… it looks the two headed monster from Willow!… hahahahahaha”… so “Eborsisk” had borned…


MTM Minnow


Looking over your catalog, you have an impressive amount of flies available. What are your 3 top selling flies?


Thanks Daniel!… The number one is “La Loma”, I love that fly for what it means!. It was the first fly I tied commercially, and playing with colors, sizes, hooks, and weight, is a fly with a huge adjustment capacity to the environment and wished target, able to fish in the salt or fresh water… And for the other two… “MTM Minnows” and “The Gnome on Steroids”, a little articulated sculpin.



One of my other favorite flies by you is a fly called the Warlock? How did you design that fly and have you tested it on species other than Pike? (Looks like a great articulated trout fly in different colors)

I know, I am very freak with the names of my flies!… hahahahaha… It is a consequence to play hours of MMORPG games!…hahahahaha… At first I tied “The Shaman”, a simple fly tied with bucktail, ice wing fibers, and Senyo´s laser dub (right now I am tying a second version of this fly adding some materials and replacing others). I liked its action, so, I though, “Why not to tie two Shamans together like an articulated fly?”… I called it “Warlock”…hahahahaha… That fly has given me my biggest largemouth bass ever!, and it works really well with pikes.

For trout?, next time I was at the river, a brownie color “Warlock” tied over a #4 hook will be the first fly I cast!




You tie many saltwater patterns- for younger tyers, what tips would you give to tie effective, durable saltwater flies?


Love this question!. Tie easy flies, keep things simple… A fly can be simple, but not for it less effective. Work with their more confidence materials, and when working with them, try to work with the less quantity of it possible, when he takes a bunch of the material, to drop a bit of it. This will help for sure to take the correct proportions of the fly and give it more transparencies and ease.


What are your favorites:

Tying Vise: Peak vise and Dyna King Barracuda
Bobbins: Stonfo Elite2 Saltwater Streamer Disc Drag Bobbin and C&F Saltwater Bobbin
UV Resin: Deer Creek UV Fine and Flex Fine
Scissors: Dr Slick Tungsten

Any other favorite pieces of fly tying gear or gadgets?

Cohen´s Fugly Packer and C&F Hackle Piliers.

Have you done any of the fly fishing/tying shows or fairs, are you planning on any demos in 2017 or 2018?

Last to years I have been tying in FlyMad, and I hope to be there next 2018!… hahaha.. It is the only fly fair that there is in Spain at this moment, but for 2018 I have plans (and wishes) for tying in more fairs collaborating with Loop and great tyers and friends.



Are you an ambassador or on any company pro staffs?

I am Loop Ambassador, member of the International Deer Creek Pro Team, and within the Pro Programs of Ahrex Hooks and Flymen Co… I am a very lucky men!.. hahahahaha…




Have you considered writing a book about your fly tying?

It is said that everybody before they die must:

Have sons: I have two marvelous sons!
To plant a tree: I love gardening
And to write a book, so- why not???… of course I would like to do it!!!… but before I must improve and learn a lot to be able to teach something to the rest.

IPT: Nacho, I thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and to share your flies and photography. You are a class act, and someone all of us can learn from. I just want to share a few more photos, as the flies are brilliant. True inspiration for fly tyers out there.





Lastly- a box of colorful perfection.



Thank you for checking out my latest Fly Tyer of the Month Interview. Please, check out Nacho’s Facebook HERE, or Instagram HERE but most importantly- do yourself a favor, and check out his website through the link below. Buy some flies, it is money well spent. Hopefully in a few months, you’ll be able to buy some of his patterns right here at IPT as I expand my fly selection.

Nacho’s Website: CRR Flies

Make sure to check out the IPT Instagram page HERE as well because over the next week I’ll be doing a raffle to win some materiarls so you too can tie flies like the ones you’ve seen here!!

If you want to see one of your favorite fly tyers featured, just comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

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