Oskar Hagelin and Daniel Bergman Fly Fish Norway

Oskar Hagelin is an excellent fly tyer and fly fisherman out of Sweden that has a serious streamer fetish. Oskar was the very first fly tyer featured in my Fly Tyer of the Month segment, and for good reason. He has studied streamer design concepts for a few years, and has put in a lot of time on the vise creating patterns. You can view the original interview HERE

Below, you will see Oskar Hagelin and my new friend Daniel Bergman of Fly Dressing (http://www.flydressing.se/) fly fishing with streamers in Norway for amazing trout, in some amazing scenery. They share some fishing tips that will hopefully help you catch some large trout on streamers, but they convey the sense of community and brotherhood that all of us who continually cast streamers share. You never know what lies ahead, so keep casting.