Fly Tyer of the Month: Enter to Win!

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Hey everyone-

If you haven’t read the latest Fly Tyer of the Month interview with fly designer Jonathan Kiley you are missing out. Click HERE to read it now!

Jonathan has been so generous, that he has given me some serious Fly Skinz swag to give out. I’m going to give prizes every day  over the next week via this website plus the In Pursuit of Trout Instagram (@inpursuitoftrout) and Facebook. Check every day for your chance to win some very unique Fly Skinz tying materials!

We will be giving away Spiked Slow Rolla Tails, Kiley’s Pearl Body Wrap, Kiley’s Fish Finz, Scud Skinz, Bugger Bling, Mice Bitz, and MORE!

Plus, one lucky winner is going to win the grand prize which includes  3 of the most bad ass bass flies tied by Jonathan Kiley, a Tacky Big Bug Box, some decals, and a $20 off coupon for the In Pursuit of Trout web store.

For the first give away, I’m going to give out a pack of the Spiked Slow Rolla Tails in Black for sizes 1-4.

To enter, simply comment on the interview HERE, and say what fly you would add a Spiked Slow Rolla Tail to-  Winner will be announced tomorrow!

spiked slow rolla tails

  • To be entered to win the Sunday giveaway, subscribe to the blog and comment below with which fly tyer you would like to see interviewed in the future! Thank You- grand prize giveaway is going to be Tuesday!

  • I would love to see Clark Pierce interviewed from The man is a genius and foes some sweet stuff that’s off the wall

  • Eric Snyder of Warmwater Specialties. It’s just about topwater time in my neck of the woods and what he can do with some craft foam…is magical!

  • Hey Guys- random number generator was #1 post- so the winner is Scooter Taber!

    I’ll message you for details to get this out to you. I thank everyone for commenting. Don’t fret- the grand prize will be announced tonight and then the winner will be announced Wednesday!

  • Tom Herr. He is among the elite of full dress salmon fly tying, but with one twist. His patterns are one of a kind and are tied with some of the most complex and complicated dressing methods that you will wonder if witchcraft or some other supernatural force was at work… Go to his page on Facebook. Trust me when I say, you will thank me for doing so.