Fly Tyer of the Month Coming Soon: Andreas Andersson

I can say I’ve been excited for a long time coming about this one. Next week I will be putting up my interview and spotlight on Swedish fly tyer Andreas Andersson, who is known for tying some of the most innovative streamers in the world right now.
If you are on social media, you have probably heard his flies being talked about, and many just need one name: Aino, Sid, Skinhead, Ragdolly, Sisu, – he’s also the guy who created the Project Sushi, Delivery Man, Wolftrap, and many many more.
What is strikingly apparent is that he toils over the vise- when you see his color combinations they are perfect. His proportions and usage of material is second to none.

In this spotlight I’m hoping to extract tips and tricks to help you tie his patterns, but also develop your own. I’ve talked to Andreas before, and he’s been very open about what he does and why he does it, so it should make for an entertaining article. The other plus is that his flies are works of art- so you’ll see a stunning gallery of gorgeous trout, bass, and pike flies.

andreass 2

There will be a giveaway for this interview as well- more info on that coming later. Just know it is definitely worth checking back on the site- and subscribe to the page NOW if you haven’t already done so to keep up with the newest posts and products.

Last but not least- I will be stocking his flies in my shop going forward, so when you check the site and see his flies- they are ready to ship from the US- no wait times needed.

Thoughts? Comment below!