Fly Order Announcement

Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to take the time to announce that I’ll be taking a short break from tying orders. I’ll resume that on 11/19 but you can email me your order requests to get in line to avoid delays once I start back up. Last year near December I was nearly at 3 week delays, and at some point it was longer. Email me at

Speaking off- To GUARANTEE delivery for any Christmas fly orders- the cutoff date is December 6th, but December 1st would be better. That is to guarantee the flies being tied, and delivered by Christmas in the US. Regular merchandise can be ordered up through the 21st to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

I’m taking a break to accomplish several things. First is to re design/layout the workshop. As order volume has grown tremendously, the workshop in its current state is inefficient. It is crowded, and overall just not conducive to best cranking out these flies. I’ve added a significant amount of materials to my collection, and storage and inventory are all over the place.

Secondly, a big part of this break has to do with R&D- the backbone of any good commercial tying operation. I’ve been tying a large number of 2 patterns for nearly a year now, and although I’ve been doing other custom streamer orders- I haven’t had a lot of time to play with new materials, and to tie some patterns I”ve had kicking around in my head for a while. That really bugs me- I have new materials that have sat for months….

Lastly, I’ll be prepping a lot of stuff for the holiday rush. I have a lot of new materials finally hitting the web store- so please check that out. I’m getting in FrankenDub Monster Dub for building sick streamer heads, I’m also getting in streamer hair from The Laughing Fly which I’m excited about. Besides that, I’m going to be stocking a TON of new stuff from Hareline Dubbin.

Oh yea- and I’ll be taking a few mornings or evenings to bow hunt within this period as well- including a 5 day hunt on my PA farm. Hoping to get my first archery buck-

I will be posting more articles and interviews in that time- so I won’t be completely away from home base. My next interview is a fly tying duo….and their flies are quite devilish.

Have a good one!