Fly Tyer of the Month: Coming Soon

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce my Fly Tyer of the Month post. Each month, I will be interviewing and showcasing one extremely talented fly tyer that I respect and find inspiration from. Some of these fly tyers are lesser known than some others, but each offers a unique perspective and skill set, and I hope to bring across their flies and their methods behind the vise to expand your horizons on techniques and thought processes.

Many are renowned authors, presenters, guides, commercial fly tyers and have had their work featured in numerous magazines, books, and other websites. Some of them a re considered specialists in certain fly tying niches, but I would not doubt they can tie great flies in any category if they were to focus on it.

This is going to be an ongoing segment throughout 2016 and beyond, and I’ll be sneaking in a few additional tyers here and there, plus I’ll be giving away a bunch of different prizes.

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Without further ado, the first 3 fly tyers to be featured in 2016 are:

January: Oskar Hagelin from Sweden

February: Michal Zapal from Poland.

March: Tim Savarese from Pennsylvania

The other fly tyers that will be participating in this ongoing series are:

Andreas Andersson from Sweden
Tim Barker aka Planet Trout from California
Juan Ramirez aka Hopper Juan from Colorado
Jonathan Kiley from Colorado
Robert Strahl from New Zealand
Matt Grajewski from Michigan and Nick Granato from Utah
Mike Schmidt from Florida
Pat Dorsey from Colorado
Brian Wise from Missouri

If you don’t recognize these names, and their contributions towards the fly tying and fly fishing community, I don’t know where you have been lately. I could not be more humbled by their participation. This should be an exciting series going forward, and you’ll probably see a few surprises along the way.

The person kicking off this series is Oskar Hagelin ,and he is one of several fly tyers over there really pushing the tying of articulated flies and fishing them for large trout in Sweden. The full article will go live on Wednesday January, 27th.

To kick off the first month with Oskar Hagelin, one winner will get:

2 Articulated Beef Jerky Streamers designed and tied by Oskar Hagelin
1 Set (6 colors) of my Holo Chenille for tying your own streamers
1 package of Fish Finz by Fly Skinz for tying some incredible sculpins and bait fish patterns.
1 In Pursuit of Trout decal to represent.

All you have to do is follow the contest rules at the end of that post, once it is up.