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In Pursuit of Trout has been a project of mine for just over four years now and it has been an amazing journey. I’ve interviewed some of the best fly tyers around the world, and have discussed tricks and tips with some great fly fishing guides. In general, I’ve met and connected with great people all across the world through this project. I launched an online store, and two years ago I started fly tying full time. One year ago, I quit the day job to focus solely on In Pursuit of Trout. It is exhausting, because there are so many skills that are required to make this work, that I did not have prior to starting this. It has been an great opportunity to push myself. Outside of the theme, I put this site together myself. It took hundreds of hours and weeks of sleepless nights fighting the bugs and constant changes to get it to look okay….

During that time of tying mostly trout streamers and european nymphs, I took many requests from guides and other clients to tie flies outside of those categories. I had never tied a saltwater fly until a year ago, but this past year I have tied countless dozens. I also started tying a lot of bass flies, carp flies, and I even started messing around with musky stuff the last few months. All of this, along with the natural progression of the project, has been leading to what I’m about to say, although some of you already know.

In Pursuit of Trout as my brand will be changing to Beast Coast Fly Company and I’m working on a fancy brand new website on a better platform. You can find it at but it won’t be live until the end of March. Until then, place your orders on IPT and if you need something you don’t see, check it out on Instagram or message me


Having changed my direct focus of fly tying trout flies to include many different species, I wanted a more all encompassing brand to represent those new found interests. I will have for sale flies for all the species on the Beast Coast and beyond. That includes flies for the big saltwater species, tarpon, permit, redfish etc. I have been tying flies for a shop in Florida and I’ve been getting good responses with those designs. You’ll see a mix of classic patterns tweaked in my style, along with completely new designs.

The new website will have an online store stocked with premium fly tying materials, gear including packs, rods, reels, accessories, and new branded apparel like tshirts, hats, and performance wear. I’m taking the small IPT online store and blowing it up to include all the good stuff you need to seek the beasts, whether you fish streamers or you euro nymph.


Timeline: I’m building out the new store as we speak, and IPT will be up until I launch the other store and probably for a few weeks after that just to spread the word.

To stay up to date, subscribe via email or follow the new Beast Coast Fly Co Instagram, @beastcoastflyco

Buckle up- we are taking this thing to the next level!

Daniel Podobed III-


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