IPT’s Guide to Black Friday Happiness

First, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you reading this. I am thankful for so much in my life, and I am very humbled by your decision to visit In Pursuit of Trout to read my posts and to shop in my store. This site is 100% funded through those purchases, as this is my full time business. Each and every sale is appreciated.  I’d like to give a special thank you to all of my readers and customers. So today through Sunday Nov. 26th all fly tying materials are 25% off, and all flies are Buy 3 get 1 FREE. No coupon code necessary for any of these promotions. As for Cyber Monday? You’ll just have to subscribe via email to find out.


The reason I am really doing this post is due to the fact that there are so many great brands in the fly fishing community that deserve your support and this weekend is a great opportunity to get to know these people if you aren’t familiar, and you’ll enjoy great savings to boot! You want happiness this weekend? You know what makes me happy? New decals. If you share my affliction, you will be SO happy you found me. Not your thing? What about hats? Fly tying accessories? Fly Fishing Gear? Exactly.

Here is a list of the BEST deals of Black Friday.


5. Nate Karnes Art:

Nate Karnes is an artist based out of Missouri who has designed classic decals that you have probably seen all over social media, maybe without knowing it. Nate is the artist who has given us the “Pig” series, the “Brown Tank”, and the species “Flag” series to name a few of his popular designs. I’m also going to give away some inside info, Nate is currently working on my next logo. Needless to say I’m super stoked to be working with such an incredible artist. Nate has dozens of decals, and he also has a line of apparel including really comfortable t’s, sweatshirts, tech shirts, and buffs. Beyond all of that he also does amazing original art installations including the big brown trout piece featured below.

Brown Trout Pig. Oink Oink!






If Putin fished…




SOME of his decals. He has more!!!



An amazing original.



Deal #1: 10% off entire order plus FREE shipping on orders over $25

Deal #2: Buy any 5 decals for $20
Promo Code: None required. Considering decals retail for either $6 or $7.50, this is a GREAT deal to spruce up your truck or tying bench on the CHEAP!

Website: Shop Now!
Instagram: HERE




4. Vedavoo

Vedavoo is a company founded by Scott Hunter and was born out of a need that he decided to fulfill himself and it took him from his basement to a New England workshop. His demand has never been higher, but the Vedavoo moto has never been trespassed upon. BETTER AMERICAN GEAR isn’t marketing hype, it is their benchmark that is proven with every adventure. They are known for producing some of the most innovative and functional fly fishing packs and fly tying bench accessories on the market today. I first came across the brand through their Bench Basin which makes a phenomenal, easily packed on bench garbage collector. As you’ll see below, their packs are insane! New for 2017 they have their Water Master Beast Sling, and a revamped line of packs including the new Tightlines Sling. They also have a full line of fun decals, and accessories sure to make your next trip on the water more enjoyable.


Vedavoo Bench Basin. Conspicuously inconspicuous.



The Vedavoo Water Master Beast Sling


New Tightlines Sling.



Deal #1: 20% off for Small Business Saturday on Nov. 25th.
Promo Code: “handbuilt”

Instagram: HERE
Website:  Shop Now! 




3. Andrea Larko Art

Andrea Larko is an amazing artist as well as a member of the Able Women Ambassador Team. The combination of art and fly fishing was a perfect match and her creative designs have been sought after ever since she began pursuing it full time. I first noticed her artwork on social media when I saw an incredible Zentangle Tarpon decal. I had never seen anything like that before, the colors were vibrant and the styling was something I can only describe as hypnotic. She has so many incredible designs in the “Zentangle” style. Some of my personal favorites include the aforementioned “Tarpon”, the “Muskelunge” and the “Apache Trout”. The Mayfly series is pretty dope as well. Buy them all. She has collection of styles and tons of decals to fit your own personal style. She also has art prints, hats, and apparel for sale. She also happens to be an incredibly nice person, and someone I met in person at the International Fly Tying Symposium.


Zentangle Muskellunge




Zentangle Apache Trout



Water Color Tarpon



Limited Edition Zentangle Bonefish Print.



Deal:  30% off sitewide Black Friday-Cyber Monday on orders of $25 or more.
Promo Code: “HOLIDAY17”

Instagram: HERE
Website: Shop Now!




2. Rakart by Ryan Keene

Ryan Keene is an artist out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and has introduced the high brow fly fishing collective to new tastes when it comes to artwork in this industry. Ryan has worked with numerous brands in the fishing industry including Echo, 5280 Angler, Midwest Fly Fishing Expo, Hook & Hackle Co and pmany more. I don’t know what his style can be considered, other than fucking awesome. It’s pseudo-graffiti drip works with lots of brilliant colors, contrasted with grimy ink pen play. Matter of fact, let me just post some….it’s just easier than describing it lol.


Brown Trout original painting. For Sale.


“Hang Up” decal.


“Giant Trevally”



Deal #1: 40% off site wide including originals. Plus spend $150 or more and receive a FREE print of your choosing.
Promo Code: “GIVEME40”

Instagram: HERE
Website: Shop Now!




1. Clutch Fly Rods

Depending on your social circles, you may or may not have come across this incredible fly rod company before. If this is your introduction, you are one lucky son of a gun…you’ll see why in a minute. Clutch Fly Rods is the brainchild of Lee Janik. His genesis was much like anyone in life. He was on the water and had a thought. If this fly rod would only________. There is an interesting symbiosis between every fly fisherman and their fly rod, and the feeling that transfer from line to rod to hand is then interpreted based on what we want out of a rod.

If we had the knowledge of craft, we could take our unique understanding and apply what we want the rod to do by building it EXACTLY how we wanted. Lee Janik and his team did just that. Instead of creating different “lines” of rods that are inconsistent in performance between the line weights (because how can you apply a design to a 4 weight and a 10 weight?) they design each weight specific to the purposes an angler would use it. That makes their job sooooo much harder, but you get everything out that they put in.

I first heard of Clutch when a group of guides I look up to started throwing them and had positive feedback, I knew they weren’t an overnight popup brand with their latest shipment of mass produced blanks from Alibaba. You know, the guys selling fly rods for $150-199 that cost like $25-40 kind of guys. The ones with the reels that fail and the rods that don’t perform for shit. Anywho- the first rod I heard everyone loving was the Clutch React. The React is different. It’s a 1 piece 8’1″ streamer rod designed to throw 250 grain and 350 grain lines. You know what that means- streamers bro. You don’t have a 6-10 weight range…just 250gr or 350gr. They will throw either a floating or sinking line of that grain weight. You can tune how you want to present your flies.

The other rod I heard about was the Clutch Tannik which is becoming a very popular musky stick. Too many rods lack the backbone needed to cast big non-aerodynamic flies far off the boat in windy conditions. It is a 1 piece 8’10” rod available in either 350 grain or 450 grain. If you like to fish for musky, you have to try this rod.

The Clutch Tour Bus. Coming to a fly shop near you.



Deal #1: Limited Quantities of HIGHLY discounted 2017 “Trade Show Demos”

Okay…it might not sound like a great deal. But hear me out. Better yet, let Clutch take this one.

“TRADE SHOW DEMO’s NOW AVAILABLE (in select sizes) These demo’s are 2017 Model Year and have only been lightly handled. They have been inspected and approved by our quality control department, and we are now offering these demo’s for sale at a greatly reduced price including and new Case AND are completely covered by our Factory Warranty!”- Clutch

So what’s so great about a “used” rod? The price.

The two rods I mentioned above run about $800 retail. Honestly, for the thought and work that goes into them it’s probably a bargain. That said, these Trade Show Demo’s are a FRACTION of the price. More specifically on the Tannik you save $300 or just about 40%! And you still get it covered with their limited lifetime warranty! What an amazing deal. At almost 40% off there is no conceivable reason NOT to try them at this point. They have several models available at the exact same pricing.

Promo Code: Not required.

Instagram: HERE

Website: Shop Now!


There you have it. Your Black Friday guide to spending a ton of dough while getting some great products and supporting even better people.

Of course if you need stuff like Veevus Thread, Ahrex Hooks, Spawn Fly Heads, Hazard Barbless Competition Hooks, Tungsten Beads, Dubbing, Flies, Tying Tools etc I would love for you to head over to my store, Shop Now!


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