Changes are coming…

There are going to be a lot of changes coming to IPT over the coming months through November of 2017.

First, I am super excited to announce a partnership with Domenick Swentosky of Trout Bitten to fill orders for his Bread-n-Butter Nymph. It will be available on the website at the beginning of August. You can read more about this great little pattern on the Troutbitten website, HERE

You will see some other changes in the fly selection on the website. At this time I am not taking any orders for my custom flies listed on this site for the near future. The other flies that are listed as in stock are available and will ship next day.

This is for several reasons. The first is that I’ll be preparing samples for several fly shops across the country. I want to get these out the door before summer’s end. A second reason is because I have committed to doing several of the fly tying/fly fishing shows in the Fall and Winter 2017/2018. I have only done the smaller shows, and want to ensure that I have plenty of time to get my brand and my flies prepped in time.

Lastly is that I am having the website completely redesigned at the end of Summer and have been working on several new designs as well as developing more lines of flies for the relaunch. Part of this expansion will include saltwater and warm water flies.

A new site, more flies, some tying shows…it is going to be busy. I”m also going to be bowhunting a ton this year trying to get some deer down.

Orders will be shipped next day in most cases, but I will be out of town July 19th- July 26th.

If you want to order some custom flies, reach out to me first.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe summer and come Fall you’ll see an all new IPT to better serve you.

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