Start the tying season off with my biggest sale of the season.  I know I have many things to be thankful for, and even though I am a microscopic fly shop I am thankful for every single customer that has had confidence in my flies and materials this past year. As a thank you, below are the Black Friday Sales I will be offering starting now and running through Monday, November 28th 11:59. The following sales will ring up automatically, no coupon necessary.

Flies- 15% off
Materials- 15% off
Books- 25% off
Apparel- 25% off

In addition to that, I am very excited to announce that I will be offering a guide/tyer program going forward. I have been in the industry a few years now and I have had many tyers and guides in the industry order from me. I want to encourage other tyers to order through me for fill in orders or to try out materials.  Going forward, all guides and tyers with a valid business will receive 15% off all orders.

Message me your information before ordering preferably, and I will set you up with a personalized coupon code to use for all orders going forward. Any guide or tyer who spends $100 or more will receive free shipping for the rest of that calendar year. If you are interested, message me at