2016 Fly Tyer of the Month Alum

2016 was an amazing year at In Pursuit of Trout. I want to thank all of the customers who have visited the shop, and those who were satisfied to reorder time and time again. If there is anything I can do to improve my customer service, I am all ears. Please take the time to leave feedback via email or in any of the reviews. I value each and every order that comes through to my end, and I am the person doing all tasks here. If you ordered flies- I tied them, I packed them, I shipped them etc.

It was truly a banner year as far as fly production goes. 2016 was the year I tied my best and most flies of any year before. If you are a guide, and want to order flies, please- don’t just order off of the website, message me to get discount codes. I offer discounts for those in the industry as a courtesy, something we should all do to support each other. Email me guides@inpursuitoftrout. If you are a tyer looking for fill in materials and have a business, email me at pros@inpursuitoftrout.com

So far my flies have been purchased in 16 states and 4 countries, something I never would have dreamed up heading into this venture, especially at this point. I have seen so many gorgeous fish pics that I am working on a Testimonial page for those of you who have purchased from me, can share your experience with me and hopefully some more sweet fish pics. There is one guy in particular up in Canada absolutely putting in work with my flies. I hope to tie for more of you this year. If you need any flies tied, custom or run of the mill stuff- reach out to me. I’ll be happy to. I’m looking to take this full time in 2018 so don’t think I’m too big for it. I can tie Pheasant Tails until my eyes bleed and love every minute of it. Speaking of- all of you shops out there- If you need fill in fly orders, or would like to stock a few of my flies- or to test out some of my flies- reach out to me and I’ll be happy to do what I can.

With that said, the only negative to my year in 2016 was a lack of consistent content. The daily struggle working two full time jobs. With that said, there were some tremendous interviews and flies showcased in 2016. Sadly, I did not get around to all 12 months. That is a resolution that I”m going to be sticking to this year. Without further ado, I would like to thank each of the following tyers for taking time out of their lives to answer some questions and share some flies for everyone reading this website.

Pat Dorsey- Read the interview  HERE

Brandon Bailes- HERE

Andreas Andersson- HERE

Tim Savarese- HERE

Jonathan Kiley- HERE

Michal Zapal- HERE

Oskar Hagelin- HERE